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Collector of American, German, English, Scottish & French cavalry swords

On July 9, 2017, Richard Bezdek had passed away,  If you still want to
purchase any of his books, you can do through the name, address and
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Author of "American Swords & Sword Makers"
650 pp - 250 photos

This is the first book ever to span the complete history of edged weapon fabrication and retailing
in the United States
It is a fantastic reference book for both the novice and experienced collectors of American swords
with 627 pages with 231 exquisite sword photographs including every model and type of sword used
in America.
There is a huge amount of information about anyone or any company who had anything to do with
American swords from the mid 1700's to the mid 1900's including makers, assemblers, importers,
decorators and dealers (Merchants who retailed swords)
It contains 34 chapters and 9 appendix covering every aspect of American sword collecting.
The major chapters are:
U.S. Sword Makers
U.S. Sword Dealers
U.S. Silversmiths that mounted swords
Confederate sword makers
Confederate sword dealers
The book features all government sword contracts with a complete list of government sword
inspectors and their initials, which were stamped on the sword blades.
It contains detailed information on U.S. and Confederate arsenals and armories involved with sword
There is a complete list of American societies that carried swords, with their initials (cast into the
swords) Also the companies that made and retailed society swords are shown
Knife, dirk, pike, lance, tomahawk, and bayonet makers are covered
This book contains all the information that collectors could ever need to research their American
"American Swords and Sword Makers" is considered the Bible for American sword collectors
Sword books as listed below
Author of "American Swords & Sword Makers Volume II"
300 pp -  close to 400 photos and illustrations
Sold nationally and internationally for $49.95
I sell for $40.00 plus $6.00 S&H (In USA)

Fantastic all new photo section.
Many new features:
- sword illustrations from original dealer catalogs (1864-1954)
- Tiffany & Co. silversmith pre-production presentation sword design sketches
- sword illustrations from the Tiffany & Co. design book
- sword illustrations from F.W. Widmann design book
- sword illustrations from William Horstman & Co. design book
- complete 1843 cavalry sabre exercise manual
Author of "Swords & Sword Makers of The War of 1812"
72 pp - 70 photos
- The only book available on War of 1812 swords
Author of "German Swords and Sword Makers"
248 pp - 100+ photos
Sold nationally and internationally for $49.95
I sell for $40.00 plus $6.00 S&H (In USA)

Ten years in the making, "German Swords and Sword Makers" provides an enormous amount of
information on the famous sword makers of the Solingen region and elsewhere in Germany who
dominated European edged weapon production.  Besides the men who dealt exclusively in the
design and manufacture of swords, "German Swords and Sword makers" gives details on the
entire community of German edged weapon  production, including blade makers, grinders, and
polishers; knife and dagger makers; gun and bayonet makers; general cutlers; hilt makers,
chisellers, and designers; blade etchers and engravers; silversmiths and goldsmiths who mounted
swords; and retailers:  The book also includes
•        Photos and illustrations of German swords from Prussia, Bavaria, Wurttemberg,
Saxony and Austria
•        More than 300 illustrations of German sword maker blade marks, covering a period
from  1517 to 1999
•        Rare sketches and photos of German sword makers and their factories
•        An important listing of German sword makers who exported swords to Union and
Confederate dealers during the American Civil War
•        A listing of German and Austrian armorers from the 12th to the 17th centuries
•        Identification of sword and edged-weapon suppliers to Nazi Germany
Author of "Swords and Sword Makers of England and Scotland"
270 pp - 455 photos
Sold nationally and internationally for $69.95
I sell for $50.00 plus $6.00 S&H (In USA)


A very large and comprehensive book with 270 printed pages.

This is the only book ever published that examines both English and Scottish swords and
swordmakers.  It has a huge amount of information, much that has never before been published.

There is over 450 spectacular photographs of English and Scottish swords of every type and

It has the most information ever published on English sword makers going back to the 14th
century and Scottish sword makers going back to the 16th century.  

The book also covers all the crafts related to swords including:
•        hilt, blade & scabbard makers
•        hilt, blade & scabbard decorators
•        the goldsmiths & silversmiths who mounted, assembled and sold swords
•        the cutlers, merchants, retailers, dealers, outfitters and exporters who sold swords
•        English and Scottish armourers who made swords
There is a chapter on English swordmakers, cutlers and dealers who exported swords to
the U.S.A..

It has very comprehensive information (2 chapters) on the early English sword and blade making
centers of Hounslow Heath & Shotley Bridge.  

It shows the Royal cyphers and government marks as seen on sword blades.

There is a chapter on the "Cutlers Company of London".  

This book contains all the information any sword collector would need to identify and date his
swords while also providing historical information on the artisans who made swords and the
dealers who sold swords.
Author of "Swords of the American Civil War"
326 pp, 8 ½ X 11 plasticized covers
I sell for $50.00 plus $6.00 S&H (In USA)

Swords of the American Civil War is a complete photographic survey of all the swords – Union
and Confederate – used in the Civil War.  It contains more than 700 magnificent photographs
showing every type and style of sword, including more than:
•        •        300 photos of Union and Confederate regulation swords
•        •        45 photos of swords presented to Union and Confederate generals
•        •        40 photos of Union and Confederate presentation – grade swords
•        •        60 photos of Union and Confederate swords engraved with the owner’s names
•        •        150 photos of Union and Confederate identified presentation swords
       along with the presentee’s Civil War records
There is a fantastic chapter on the Civil War activities of Gen. George Armstrong Custer
includes more than 30 never-before-published photographs of Custer’s presentation sword,
dress uniform, and personal equipment captured by Confederate cavalry at the Battle of
Trevilian station.
This book is not just a review of swords, but a history of the Civil War as seen through the
activities and gallantry of the soldiers and sailors who fought and died in it.
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                  3503 Rebecca Drive
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Author of "American Swordmakers"
402 pp, 8 ½ X 11 plasticized covers
I sell for $50.00 plus $6.00 S&H (In USA)

American Swordmakers is the definitive reference volume to American sword from Colonial
times to the present. In addition to the men, companies, and government facilities that made
swords, this reference also contains a huge amount of data on the makers of dirks, naval and
infantry pikes, cavalry lances, halberds, tomahawks, and bayonets. This book, which contains
information formerly found in American Swords and Swordmakers, also features:
  • All government sword contracts, from the first with Nathan Starr in 1798 to the last
    in 1916 with Landers, Frary, & Clark
  • Detailed information on all U.S. and Confederate arsenals and armories that were
    involved with swords in any way
  • A complete list of U.S. military arms inspectors and the initials they used on inspected
  • A chapter on early silversmiths who hilted swords
  • Two chapters on all the dealers and retailers that sold swords
This wealth of information makes American Swordmakers an indispensable reference for
both the beginner and experienced collector of edged weaponry.